Bringing heart and mind into
alignment about where you’ve been,
where you are, and where you’re going.

  • Depression


    Depression is different from simple sadness. Sadness occurs in response to a situation or life event. It’s an emotion that moves through us like a flowing river. But depression is a river that’s been turned to ice — hardened, frozen, and seemingly permanent. You’ve tried every way you know to break through it, but nothing’s worked.


  • Anxiety


    Everyone is challenged by anxiety from time to time. For individuals whose anxiety symptoms dominate their life, their fight/flight response turns on too frequently, or doesn’t turn off easily once it’s on. Fortunately, anxiety is treatable… With help, you can significantly reduce these symptoms and experience peace once again.  


  • Adult ADHD


    At some point, you may find yourself feeling frustrated that your ADHD symptoms prevent you from demonstrating your true potential and intelligence to others. You might be worried that you won’t achieve your dreams and fear its impact on your career — dashing your hopes for the future.


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Welcome to Heartminded Psychotherapy

Life can often leave us feeling wounded…
with emotional scars that don’t heal and painful beliefs that negatively impact how we live our lives.

What can I offer you? 
A compassionate response based on who you are as a unique individual.

I listen deeply to your thoughts and feelings, hearing both the strengths and talents and qualities and history that make you uniquely you, as well as the hurts and pains that you’re struggling with. Together we work towards your vision of your most alive self.

I am equally committed to helping the heart heal its scar tissue as I am to helping the mind soften its rigidities to be able to experience life in new ways. In Heartminded Psychotherapy, emotions and thoughts are equally valued; after all, we only sustain our changes when both are in alignment.

I invite you to take a deeper look at each of my specialties to see how I may be of service to you.

~ Janet ~

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